Free Assessment.

To enroll in the Dyfference Maker’s Academy, your child does not need a formal diagnosis of dyslexia.

Our curriculum was designed to help all kinds of struggling readers and those who might need a little extra help or frequent breaks. The assessment below can help you determine if your child would be a good candidate for our Academy.

It is important to note that the Dyfference Maker Assessment is only a screener and is not a formal evaluation or diagnosis. If you have concerns about an individual’s reading progress, we recommend contacting the school they attend, a licensed child psychologist, or their primary care physician about pursuing a thorough evaluation to investigate the nature of your concerns.

Does Your Child Read Slowly?
Does your child have problems memorizing sight words (common words such as the, was, were, your)?
Is your child below reading level in school?
Does your child have/had difficulty with phonics (sounding out words)? Or guesses them frequently?
Does your child confuse left and right?
Does your child have messy handwriting?
Does your child struggle to understand what they have read?
Does your child become frustrated or angry when doing schoolwork?
Does your child sometimes mix up letters when writing words?