As a classroom teacher and parent myself, Laken has been so helpful in directing me to resources that work well and are easy to implement. Her advocacy for the dyslexia community will positively impact all students.


Explicit instruction in the science of reading is proven to work! I know this as a parent and a resource reading teacher.

My daughter was a struggling reader. She had been struggling since kindergarten. I was so concerned about her and spent many sleepless nights worrying about the short-term and long-term impacts to her self-esteem and well-being! I needed the advice of a parent who was going through the same thing to talk to as a support system. I knew Laken had experienced similar concerns about one of her children. I contacted her and she was so kind and helpful.

As a parent, it helps so much to have another parent to talk to that understands the struggles my daughter was facing. My daughter was tested and began receiving the reading intervention. Thanks to proper interventions centered around the science of reading with an OG approach, she made monumental gains in all aspects of reading.

As a Special Education reading teacher, I use The Science of Reading every day in my resource classroom. It has made a difference for my students! I cannot stress enough the importance of reaching struggling readers early. When students are explicitly taught the science of reading, the sky is the limit!


My daughter has grown in her reading skills, as well as her overall confidence and self esteem, thanks to the differentiated tutoring she has received from Laken. As a teacher myself (and a mother of four) I value and appreciate Laken’s specialized training as well as her positive and caring personality because I had found myself unable to provide my daughter with the particular skills she needed to manage her dyslexia. We are so grateful for all we’ve gained in our journey with Laken.

Mother of Tutoring Student

Laken is a star teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She uses a structured literacy approach that breaks reading and spelling down into small skills involving letters and sounds and then builds on these skills over time. She uses explicit, direct, sequential, systematic, and multi-sensory instruction to teach reading. Laken helps learners at any age and any level learn to read in a relaxed and fun environment.

Orton Gillingham Practicum Supervisor

Laken is not only knowledgeable but passionate about teaching reading. I think it makes the experience different for your child with that level of care. Her journey with her son also lends itself to an understanding of what families experience as they try to get help for their children with the schools and private tutoring. She is a strong advocate as well as a teacher.